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William and Irene at Classes


William and Irena Classes

Latin dance professionals William Teixeira and Irene Silvia started dancing in Madrid, Spain in 2018 and started travelling together.

3rd place at the bachatea profecional division 2020. 

William Teixeira is Brazilian Zouk world champion. 


William Teixeira Brazilian Zouk World Champion and 1 of the World at J&J competition scoring. 

Started dance in 2006 in Alex de Carvalho School, and has the largest part of their work toward the Zouk. Dancer, choreographer and teacher, worked in Londrina ( PR ) for two years in Ritt School of Dance and was also part of Cia Ritt , where he studied brazilian ballroom dance, Ballet and Jazz. He participated in television programs and for 5 years was part of main group of Samba School in Rio de Janeiro Carnival,

Owner of WT International Dance Company.



Irene silvia Teixeira Brazilian Zouk world champion, started her career with 7 years old. She started her formation in dancing with ballroom dances where she conquer a lot of championship during many years trained by Valery Ivanov, Pietro Braga and Frederick Mossa.


After 11 years of success in ballroom she decided to start training new rhythms like salsa, bachata and kizomba.


Being formed by many different teachers and working in festivals. 



Since 2018, dancing, teaching and performing together.


Nowadays they are based in Madrid - Spain, where they are working to improve the grow of a Kizomba, Bachata and Zouk community, with classes, workshops and their Madrid Zouk Bachata Congress. 




Warsaw Zouk Festival (Poland),

BDF (Amsterdam),

SBC (San Francisco)

Brazilian Zouk World Championships (US),

Brisbane Latin Dance Festival (Australia),

To Dance Latin Festival (Italy), 

Sensual Day (Washington DC),

Zouk Bachata Weekend (Houston), Madrid 

Zouk Bachata Congress (Spain),

Zouk Kizomba Weekend (Spain),

Madrid Latin Sur Festival (Spain),

ZoukKiz Bachata Convention (Canada).

W&I Dance Platform 

Every month new classes for couple and solo.

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  • Various dance courses

Our courses are made up of 10 to 15 video classes with explanations for leaders and followers, techniques, movements, time to practice with music. Guaranteed learning. Course language - English and Spanish

  • Special and thematic classes

Individual classes with specific themes such as musicality, impact movements, leading and following, techniques for turns, head movements and more.


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Listen to and download remixes and songs created by William Teixeira, member of one of the best-known DJ companies in the world of Brazilian Zouk (Diboa DJ company).

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